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Fast & Furious 7 aka RIP Paul Walker [Apr. 4th, 2015|04:40 pm]
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[Feeling: | cheerful]

Saw this this morning and, as suspected, bawled like a baby at the end. As movie tributes go this is one of the best I've seen.

To my relief, they didn't kill Paul Walker's character off, which I thought they would do. Instead, they completed the entire film by using a mix of stunt doubles, stand ins, voice overs by PW's brothers and CGI. And while I could point to a couple of places where I suspected such had been used, I was mostly completely unaware of the joins. Huge kudos to the entire production team for that, it was beautifully done. (Apparently the first CGI usage is about 15 minutes in. Guess I'll have to go back and see it again to check :D)

The dialogue is horribly prescient in places, to the point I have to wonder if it was tweaked after the fact. Much talk about promising to come back and no more funerals. *sniffs* Made for a pretty emotional ride, even admist the usual F&F nonsense of ridiculous stunts (no, really, even more ridiculous that towing a multi-ton safe through a city) and paper thin plot. Sorry, "plot". Statham is his usual no-nonsense self, has two amazing fight scenes, one with Rock and one with Vin Diesel. BTW, I happily suspend all disbelief for these movies - you pretty much have to - but there was one thing in here I just couldn't swallow. There is no way, on this good green earth, that Jason Statham can defeat The Rock. Nope, nuh-uh, not convincing. OK, technically it was a draw and then grenades got thrown but I just didn't believe that The Rock couldn't squish this guy like a bug, no matter how hard I tried. Kurt Russell was excellent and apparently will feature a lot more in the next movie, if it gets made (I'm thinking there'll be an 8, they've left enough threads open). But his character could bring a lot to the franchise so I'm all for it :) Hope there's more Rock in the next one too; he's largely on the sidelines in this one but still manages to steal the movie :)

Do I need to discuss the cars? Let's just say there was drooling and leave it at that :D

The movie gives Brian and Mia a happy ending: playing on the beach with their son, safe, knowing a daughter will be born in the future. Dominic drives away and is waiting at a stop sign when Brien pulls up in a car next to him and they go for one last race. There's a voice over from Vin Diesel (and it's him, it's not the character) saying Paul will always be his brother. Camera pulls up, the two cars ride into the distance...and Paul's car veers off on its own, and heads alone into the sunset. Caption comes up "For Paul". A certain mousey tries to pretend she isn't sobbing.

Thoroughly enjoyed the movie, despite the emotional kicking. Now have the urge to watch all previous 6 movies. I think this will have to be arranged......