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[Jul. 25th, 2015|04:07 pm]
Still keep forgetting to post here. And to read. *sigh*

So have some pictures! I had a busy weekend 18/19th July, with Battle Proms on the Saturday and Folk by The Oak festival on the Sunday. Admittedly, I only went to FbtO for about 3 hours, most of which was spent snoozing happily in the glorious sunshine. However, thanks to cunning planning, I was able to get a spot at the front of the stage for Mary Chapin Carpenter's set, which was the whole reason I went :D

Pics behind a cut because there's lots of them!

Battle Proms, Hatfield House, 18th July 2015Collapse )

Mary Chapin Carpenter, Folk by the Oak, Hatfield House, 19th July 2015Collapse )

I took Monday off work - there was epic napping :D
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*dusts* [Jul. 4th, 2015|07:40 pm]
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Deary me, completely forgot to post things again. I keep getting seduced away by Facebook. *hangs head in shame*

For now, let me ping commoncomitatus. What do you think of this?

I'd be interested to know if you agree with their categorisation of Swedish :)

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East of England Food Festival [Apr. 12th, 2015|06:59 pm]
Had a lovely few hours at the above today, at Knebworth House. Spent a fortune, of course, but that's why I went to the cash machine beforehand. When the cash was gone, I stopped buying, even if the stall took cards :) I have learned from experience how to control my spending at these things :D

It was a lovely day but seriously windy. The stall holders inside the big tents must have been thanking their lucky stars! I perused everything, bought some meat and cheeses and watched a cookery demonstration by Matt Tebbutt. Not a bad way to spend an afternoon :)

And tonight it's the last night of the Masters! Eee! *happy is*

Here are some pics from the festival. The owl is a Barn Owl, one of my favourites :) The lone smoked sausage above the pack is a pork sausage with goats cheese. Nyom :D

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Eee! [Apr. 9th, 2015|11:48 pm]
[Feeling: | cheerful]

The Masters started today! My favourite golf tournament :) Sooo that's golf, football, golf, football, golf....guess my sporting viewing for the next 3 days is alllll sorted out :D


Happy Easter! [Apr. 5th, 2015|02:06 pm]
[Feeling: | amused]

Or happy chocolate egg day, whichever you celebrate :D

(I haven't bought an Easter Egg this year. I may remedy this when they're selling them at half price on Tuesday :D)


Fast & Furious 7 aka RIP Paul Walker [Apr. 4th, 2015|04:40 pm]
[Feeling: | cheerful]

Saw this this morning and, as suspected, bawled like a baby at the end. As movie tributes go this is one of the best I've seen.

Honking Big SpoilersCollapse )

Thoroughly enjoyed the movie, despite the emotional kicking. Now have the urge to watch all previous 6 movies. I think this will have to be arranged......


Still loafing [Apr. 3rd, 2015|09:23 pm]
[Feeling: | full]

Yesterday I went back to the Wellington for lunch, to scout the place out. Verdict - lovely place to sit and have a pot of tea of an afternoon, but very pricey food-wise for what is largely pub grub, albeit very nice pub grub. I had whitebait to start and posh ham, egg and chips for main, both of which were good, but with coffee and a diet coke, the bill came to just under £20, which isn't cheap for a pub. Still, as I said, nice place to loaf and have afternoon tea :)

Today I went to the football where Stevenage managed to claw back for a 2-2 draw with Tranmere. We looked a bit ragged but our injury list meant that we didn't have any strikers available so there was an air of make-shift about the team. We didn't play particularly well so I was actually relieved we got out with a draw. The playoffs are still within reach but we need to start winning, not drawing.

Went to the kitchen earlier to cook pasta for tea, got the water on, it was nearly boiling and....I realised I was out of pasta. *facepalms* This is such an unusual event in my house that it never occurred to me to check if I had any! So there was an emergency store run where I discovered that apparently a Good Friday 2 hours before the store closes is a pretty good time to shop. The "OMG WE MUST SELL THIS NOW LEST YE DIIIEEE!" counter was stuffed to overflowing and I scored a tuna steak for 19p, some fresh mozzarella for the same, and several snack packs of apple slices and grapes for 25p each :D And I scored at the Hot Deli counter too, where I got 5 stout coated chicken thighs for 50p and 4 large pork sausages for 80p :) The mozzarella and a couple of the chicken thighs were lovely with the pasta I was eventually able to cook. *grins*


[Apr. 2nd, 2015|12:00 pm]
That was well planned. In a fit of serendipity, I booked two days leave (yesterday and today) so as to have a long Easter weekend. And actually forgot that my last working day was also pay day! So not only am I off work, but I can afford to enjoy it :D

Going to the cinema tonight to see "The Gunman", and again on Saturday morning to see "Fast & Furious 7" (where I will doubtless blub over Paul Walker. *sniff*). Tomorrow afternoon will be spent at Stevenage for the football - really MUST remember that's tomorrow and not Saturday!

Yesterday I took a stroll around Welwyn (the village, not WGC), reminding myself what a beautiful place it is. Today I'm going back to investigate The Wellington pub, which I haven't been into for about 20 years, but which looks reeeeally good. I shall investigate the lunch menu and see what the breakfast menu is like - might be a good place to take visiting jenni411's in May :D

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AAAARRRRGH! [Mar. 27th, 2015|04:40 pm]
That database that was going to be turned off on 31st March? Turned off 3pm today. We got 4 hours warning that only certain users would have access after today. I'm not one of them.

This lot couldn't hit water if they fell out of a fucking boat.

It is fortunate for humanity that I should be able to get access next week by devious means. Also that I have cider waiting for me at home. By such tiny margins is humanity spared.
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*facepalms* [Mar. 26th, 2015|09:35 pm]
[Feeling: | cynical]

Remember I ranted a while ago about the new database system we were supposed to get that hadn't even been finished and was supposed to go live next week?

Still isn't finished, doesn't appear to have an ETA yet. BUT all is not lost! No! For verily, they (who, I'm not sure) are going to create a spreadsheet template that we can download and use to log all our jobs. And once a month we will upload aforementioned spreadsheet to HQ who will compile it all into some mystic format that will be uploaded flawlessly onto the new system when it's ready.

I'll pause for you all to finish laughing hysterically.



No mention of WHEN we're getting this spreadsheet. No mention or confirmation of when, exactly, the old database is being shut down. No mention of how we set it up so that the fitters can access the sheet and add the data they need to add (visit date, equipment supplied etc) or if they'll have to notify me of everything and I'll do it. No mention of, if they can't access the spreadsheet, HOW they're supposed to keep adequate records of their jobs. (This last bit terrifies me. They have to be herded at gunpoint to get them to do any kind of paperwork as it is.) Or anything else really. But we're not to worry about it, it'll all be sorted.

I am supposed to be taking next Wednesday and Thursday off, when this all kicks off. I am seriously contemplating asking if I can change the dates because I'm not sure I want to be out of the office when this hell is breaking loose. At least if I'm there, I can put out fires.

Roll on Easter. There is going to be chocolate. Oh yes.


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