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Happy New Year! [Jan. 1st, 2014|02:01 pm]
[Feeling: | cheerful]

Best wishes for 2014 to all my LJ friends. I still read LJ every day even if I don't post updates any more. For day to day stuff I tend to be on Facebook - you can ping me here if you want to find out my real name and friend me over there.

In the meantime, do excuse me. This leftover champagne won't drink itself, y'know!

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Happy Birthday halcyon_shift! [May. 3rd, 2013|06:34 pm]
[Feeling: | cheerful]

Yay, it's your birthday!

Happy birthday!

Hope your day was fantabulous :)

*alllll the snugs*


Meme! Icon meme [Mar. 7th, 2013|06:53 pm]
[Feeling: | cheerful]

1. Reply to this post with "ohh! shiny"" and I will pick six of your icons.
2. Make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons I chose.
3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
4. This will create a never-ending cycle of icon glee.

Usual caveat of "It helps if you actually HAVE 6 or more icons to choose from" :D

d_floorlandmine chose these:-

Drawn for me by jatg, who is an amazingly talented artist/animator. I plan to keep this icon forever so when she is the lead animator on a really big Hollywood animated film, I can brag I knew her when :D

I am not sure where this came from, which suggests I found it and stole acquired it. There are many days where only the knowledge that prison would seriously cut into my internet time prevent me from reacting like this :) Used for when I get my rant on.

I wanted a "I said HUSH!" icon, so I hunted for a suitable source pic and was thrilled to find this one :) Not one I use much but when I do, it tends to be to forestall those that know me well (and still love me) from making sarcastic remarks :D

Mark from the movie Rent, wincing in anticipation. He doesn't say the line in the movie or show but the expression just said it all for me. Usually used for something work-related, when I can see the train wreck coming but also for those days when you just know things are Not Going To Go Well. Made, as far as I can recall, by my own fair hand.

Helo from B5. *swoons happily* Stolen from, and made by, the ever lovely halcyon_shift. Occasionally still use this for TV related posts or when I'm feeling swoony :D

Ahh yes, made by commoncomitatus, after we spent that particular episode of Dr Who giggling helplessly and MST'ing the whole ep. I don't use it much but it still makes me giggle :D

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Good heavens... [Mar. 3rd, 2013|06:22 pm]
[Feeling: | cheerful]

..I didn't post at all in February. I am a bad LJ-er! No biscuit!

Brief summary of the month - birthday was quiet but lovely. I had the Monday off work so was able to enjoy a long weekend. And on the day itself, I watched England beat Ireland in the Six Nations Rugby. There was cider and happy squeaking :)

I'm settling nicely in at work. At some point, I'll put a post up explaining what, exactly, it is I'm doing, but for now suffice to say I'm busy, working with lovely people and it's not bad at all :)

March has come in like a lion - I am currently without heating *sigh* Have a BG engineer arriving sometime tomorrow morning, which means I'll have to hop about a bit tonight and make sure he can get access to my boiler and airing cupboard. *cough*stupidhousework*cough*

Rob T Furball isn't too bad but I need to get a urine sample for the vet to test. His last blood test was pronounced excellent so that's good, but I think the vet wants to test for diabetes. He's not quite 100 per cent so it seems sensible to rule it out. Otherwise though, he's his usual happy, furry, purry, yowly self :)

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new job [Jan. 30th, 2013|06:53 pm]
[Feeling: | cheerful]

So far, so good! It's so nice to be a proper employee again :D

I've joined at an interesting time as my department is undergoing several changes to how things work. Which means I don't have to unlearn ways of doing things, because I'm starting off as things are meant to go on. Makes my life a bit easier but I'm sure it's hell for the old timers. It will, in the long run, mean better working practices and better distribution of work loads, it's just going to take time for things to shake down. But management are aware of that and I have to say, they seem to be organising things very well. So far. Of course, I suspect there may be old timers who are muttering and grumbling about the changes, but that's the nature of the beast. I don't like change either, but I do believe in getting on with it, and working to smooth out problems. Mere grumbling won't help anyone.

Got a team meeting/event thing tomorrow morning. I got a sneak peek at an agenda the other week and it seemed to mostly comprise of people talking at us but also looked like there might be *shudder* team building stuff in there. Blech. I hate exercises like that. Still, it's a relatively short thing, gets us out of the office
and they're gonna feed us a buffet lunch, so I'll call it a win :D

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*sighs* [Jan. 4th, 2013|07:49 pm]
[Feeling: | tired]

I love my cat, I really do. But he's woken me up at 1.30am, 2am, 1.30am (again) for the past 3 nights, by dint of sitting in the hall and yowling his head off. He's only alive because I couldn't actually bring myself to throttle him. However, last night, not only did he wake me up, but I couldn't get back to sleep, despite several attempts. Ended up getting about 2.5 hours sleep. I'm afraid I called in sick and went back to bed. I'll go to work on 4 hours sleep but 2.5 just doesn't cut it. That's the last time I'll do that, though. I want to TRY and make a good impression on the new employers :P

So today's been cancelled due to lack of interest. I did catch up on my sleep though so am a lot less homicidal. Now I just need to figure out what is UP with that furball.....


Happy New Year! [Jan. 2nd, 2013|12:20 am]
[Feeling: | cheerful]

Welcome, 2013. Do come in and pull up a chair. Have a mug of tea. Let's start things off right :)

For me, I mostly have a good view of things in 2012. I thought that the London Olympics and the Queen's Diamond Jubilee showed the UK in best possible light to the world. Personally, I had some great times - I saw Idina again, and I was in the front freakin' row! I saw Fascinating Aida 3 times and still giggled helplessly at every show. I finally got to Wembley for an NFL game and saw the New England Patriots trounce the St Louis Rams. And lastly, I saw Mary Chapin Carpenter live in concert with Shawn Colvin. Lovely!

jenni411 visited and we got to go to two Olympic football events, which was amazing! Also we visited Disneyland Paris for the first time, although that was rather marred by having my purse stolen on the first day. Ah well, we managed to have fun anyway :D And I adored the train journey there and back, I'm a fan!

Mainly, for me, 2012 was the year off :D There was happy loafing, with a couple of temp gigs, before finally stumbling into a permanent job. I have no idea how that happened, really. So now I gotta get used to time not being my own again. Hmf. But that comes with a pay check, so I can't grumble. Much :D

And now 2013 - do have another biscuit! - it's over to you! Let's be good, hmm? More tea?

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Squeee!! [Dec. 19th, 2012|11:53 pm]
[Feeling: | giddy]

It looks like I've got the job!!

They told me after the interview :) So they've offered it and I've accepted and now we have to wait for HR to produce the nine tons of paperwork.


For now I'm carrying on with the temp contract and the best guess at a start date I have is 21st January - this is assuming OfficeShredder terrifies HR into moving sufficiently fast. As you can probably gather from her nickname, my money's on her :D


So looks like I have to re-join the ranks of the employed. Tch. :D

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*flail* [Dec. 17th, 2012|05:44 pm]
[Feeling: | surprised]

Found out late this afternoon that they want to interview me tomorrow morning for the job. Well. They're certainly not hanging about, I'll give 'em that. So once more into the breech I go, once more! Wish me luck :)

(Note to self: over the holidays, update your icons so you have a good flaily one :D)

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What a day... [Dec. 13th, 2012|06:40 pm]
[Feeling: | Stunned]

So two weeks ago, I started another temp job at HCC, this time with a completely new-to-me department. It was in Community Services which comprises Trading Standards and Fire Prevention and Protection. When Manpower initially rang, I wasn't enthusiastic because I was quite happy with the idea of not working until next year and the salary wasn't anything to write home about. But it was back at Mundells, where I had that fantastic year with EMT, and with no real good reason to turn it down, I said yes. Contract was until 4th January.

Well I didn't have a very good first week, as those of you on Facebook will have noticed. There wasn't enough work, no-one had time to train me in anything and I was bored out of my teeny tiny mind. On the plus side, I really liked the people there, the Fire Service lads and lasses are uniformly lovely and the few Trading Standards folkses I've met were equally helpful and friendly. Then, to top it off, I had to take last Thursday and Friday off because I completely lost my voice. So it wasn't a good start.

I did warn them on Monday that there was a possibility that I wouldn't be available after the 4th, so sure was I that I wouldn't be able to stick the job longer than that. And I promised LiverBird1, my line manager, that I'd let them know as soon as possible, because I could see they were starting to train me with a long term view in mind and it wouldn't be fair to string them along.

Cut to today. LiverBird sidles up to me and we have a frank and honest conversation about the job. I explained why I had reservations about staying, although I did note that this week had been much better. Also today they started showing me the project they want me to work on, which is mahoosive (and I'll talk about that another time). But the main sticking point was the money and LiverBird sympathised entirely but there are no higher paid posts available. She wanted to know if I'd be interested in a permanent post and I said possibly. She even went to the trouble of digging out the job specs and showing me what the salary would be. Then she went away, with me promising to let her know where I stood by the afternoon.

And then I did sums. And flailed at people. And finally decided to damn the torpedoes and I told LiverBird I would see out the temp job as long as it lasted and if a permanent job came up, then I'd definitely consider it. She was pleased to hear this, we understood each other perfectly and she went away happy.

I swear that happened around 2.30. 3pm the more senior manager (for whom I have no good nickname yet) tugs me into a meeting room and starts reeling off that she's heard I'm interested in the job and she can get the application forms to me this afternoon.

I think my jaw hit the floor. Certainly I must have looked like a deer in headlights because she backtracked a bit, apologised if this was a shock and I explained I had no idea that anything permanent was available now. So we went over what the job would actually be - it's far, far broader than what I'm doing now, basically I'd be a Support Officer for both Tradiing Standards and the FPS guys. And it's going to be a crazy busy job, I think, half of which I have no idea of what's involved yet. But I took a deep breath and said I would be delighted to go for the post. So I have a form to finish tomorrow and then that'll be submitted to HR and then there'll be a (hopefully) token interview. And then I could be permanently employed with HCC again. A year to the month since I said "Sayonara, suckers!".


My head's spinning! I'm pleased but also a smidge overwhelmed and a smidge anxious because really I'm going into this job blind. But what the hell, it's better than becoming a couch potato and I need some way to fund all the B'cons I want to go to and trips I want to do :)

There may well be squee later. Right now, I'm mostly stunned.

1 - For Non-UK types, the "Liver" in "LiverBird" is pronounced to rhyme with "fiver" not "giver". The Liver Bird is a symbol of the city of Liverpool and "The Liver Birds" was a sitcom I watched growing up about two single women in Liverpool. So as I'm darn sure my line manager has a Scouse accent, "LiverBird" seemed a good nickname :)

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